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Anchored in the Details

Hello there!  I’m Fran Salmons and I am the founder/owner of Asher & Anchor.   I created this company because I absolutely love everything about weddings and other celebrations that bring family and friends together to experience an amazing time they will always remember and cherish.  

I am originally from New Jersey, having settled in Texas the last 19 years.   I am 100% Italian, so I have that Italian mom mentality where everything is organized and detailed (can anyone say Type A), multi-tasker (aka juggler), who brings an abundance of caring, concern, and compassion to ensure that everyone in the “family” is happy and content during their special celebration. 


I am also mom of two adult daughters, Katie & Kristen, and two dogs, Daisy (aka Daisy Crazy) and Merlin, the Chihuahua fondly known as “Little Man Privileges.”   In my spare time (is that possible?), I love cooking, baking, reading, music, and entertaining with family and friends.

It would be my utmost honor to provide you with my professional, dedicated, caring, friendly, and detailed services and experience to make your special celebration forever “anchored” in your memories.

Fran Salmons

Founder & Event Coordinator

Turning Dreams into Reality

Hey there! I'm Katie from Katy (what are the chances?) and co-founded Asher & Anchor because I truly believe no detail is too small, especially with respect to events celebrating major life milestones.


 After having taken about almost every personality or astrological assessment out there, it ALL says the same - I'm a total perfectionist and planner aficionado who geeks out on spreadsheets and to-do lists.  And while Finance and budgeting will always be my first love (nerd alert!), Asher & Anchor has been a way to exercise my more creative juices and passions.

I have been married for two years and have two fur babies - which I swear are half human - and live in Leander TX, which to true Austinites might as well be Canada.  (I promise its really not that far).  I LOVE to travel any chance I get, and if there are any "adventure" funds leftover, you can find me at Nordstrom Rack scouring for the latest bargains.


Colin Powell once said,  "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work."  Let us do the heavy lifting and turn your dream into a reality.

Katie McCann

Co-Founder & Creative Director

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